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Blackjack side bets, everything you need to know

Blackjack is the most played casino table game worldwide. Learn everything you need to know about Blackjack Side Bets…

The game is recognized for its simplicity to play as well as its quick-fire action. Blackjack tables can be found everywhere there are casinos that allow table games, including online casinos.

Casinos are constantly seeking ways to spice up the action on the age-old game. The simplest way to achieve it is to add side bets to the table because they let you increase game action without fundamentally altering how it is played.

We are here to help you through all of these many blackjack side bet possibilities. We’ll let you know which side bets have great potential returns and which ones you should avoid.

What Are Side Bets in Blackjack?

Any stake that isn’t your primary bet in a blackjack game is a side bet. Outside of a few high-limit pits, practically every blackjack game will feature at least one option for a side bet. Occasionally there will be two or more. These are almost never required bets, but they are highly popular.

Depending on the bet, your cards, the dealer’s cards, or a mix of both cards may be used. The majority of blackjack side bets have odds-based rewards, but others have payouts for progressive jackpots.

Popular Blackjack Side Bets 


This side bet combines blackjack with the popular poker game, 3 Card Poker.

This bet combines the player’s initial two cards plus the dealer’s up card to create a 3 Card Poker hand, and it is fully independent of your blackjack hand. Three of a kind, straights, flushes, and straight flushes are among the hands that pay out wins.

Match The Dealer 

It’s not clear if Match The Dealer was the first blackjack side bet. However it was undoubtedly among the first to become widely accepted. It is a straightforward game in which your goal is to match one or both of your opening two cards to the dealer’s face-up card. Match The Dealer’s best hand pays out generously when it hits. It consists of three similar cards of the same suit and rank.

Royal Match

A variation on the traditional match the dealer side bets, which were among the first blackjack side bets created. The Royal Match, which has been around for a while is where you look to match your first two cards.

7’s Blazing

The blackjack side bet known as “Blazing 7s” offers a progressive return. You only win if one of your first two cards is a 7, otherwise, you lose. You get paid out more the more 7s you obtain.
The serious money starts to happen if you get two 7s and the dealer receives a 7 as their up card. With just a single dollar wager, the progressive payout can be life-changing when your first two cards and the dealer’s up card are all suited 7s.

King’s Bounty

Another popular side bet, Kings Bounty, focuses mostly on getting 20 on your first two cards.

Any two-card twenty result earns you money, while 20s with suits and kings pay considerably more. The high payout of 1000-1 if you get two kings of spades and the dealer gets a blackjack is what attracts people to this side bet.

When in a blackjack game should you place side bets?

Now that you know what a blackjack side bet is and have seen some of the most common ones available, the real question is: When should you place a blackjack side bet?

One reason to play the blackjack side bets is that they offer more fun and drama to what can occasionally be a bit of a dull game. The fact that many of these side bets aren’t really player-friendly is something you definitely need to keep in mind though.

The casino included these bets into the game in order to strengthen its control over the game, not so that players could make money. When compared to the house advantage in the blackjack game itself, the house advantage on side bets is almost usually substantially bigger.

Which Side Bets in Blackjack are best?

Side bets with substantial payouts or progressive jackpots are best. The only way to ever win big at blackjack if you’re not playing with big sums of money is by placing side bets.

In addition, side bets that supplement can act as a hedge to the main game. Some of these might be side bets like 21+3, which are essentially unrelated to the game itself.

Receiving a pair of twos isn’t a particularly strong blackjack hand. But if the dealer draws another two as their up card and you hit a high payoff for trip deuces while playing the 21+3 side bet, your lousy hand might convert into a sizable victory.

Which Side Bets in Blackjack aren’t good?

Blackjack side bets that only give little rewards are just not worth playing.

If you do play them however you ideally want a chance to win big. Payouts of 2-1 or 3-1 aren’t worth playing even if they are the only option. The other blackjack side bet that isn’t worth it is when you already have a strong hand and are probably going to win anyhow.

The other blackjack side bet that isn’t worth it is when you already have a strong hand and are probably going to win anyhow. In Kings Bounty, for instance, you don’t really need the bonus to add a few extra dollars to an already powerful hand. When you have a 20 you don’t need to add risk


Side bets are a terrific way to up the fun and excitement in the game of blackjack. They add extra action to a blackjack table. There are countless possibilities for blackjack side bets, and new ones are always being introduced.

Online is the perfect location to look for a wide selection of blackjack side bets to play.

Online casinos typically provide a much wider variety of blackjack side bets than traditional casinos do. Therefore, you should try playing online blackjack if you can’t discover your preferred side bet at your neighborhood casino because they are sure to offer it!

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